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Our Garage Door Openers in Bensalem, PA

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J & R Garage Door Company, Inc. in Bensalem, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, carries many different varieties of garage door openers. You can order battery back-up, chain-driven, and belt-driven openers. Whether you need a residential or a commercial garage door opener, call us today! 215-757-7413
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Battery Back-Up Openers

The garage door opener battery backup allows you the peace of mind that even in severe weather or a power outage, you will have access to your garage. This can easily be installed by one of our trusted professionals. Never again lift your own door when the power goes out. Let the battery do it for you.
Mechanical Garage Door Opener — garage doors in Bensalem, PA

Chain Driven Openers

This type of garage door opener uses a chain to lift your garage door. It offers strength, durability, dependability, value, and is readily available. They are safe, as they should not slip while they are moving the door. They are strong and can move a 2 car garage door without an issue. They are also ready to be used no matter what the temperature or the humidity level is.
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Belt Driven Openers

These garage door openers are much like a chain driven door opener except that it uses a belt. They are strong and quiet. They allow for the use of the belt to move the door which is quieter than the use of a chain driven opener.

Call us today to learn more and discuss what type of garage door opener is right for you. 215-757-7413